Pray DVD (In Paper Sleeve)

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

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Brooklyn Tabernacle Music
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Pray, the latest offering from six time Grammy Award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir was recorded live at The Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Songs Included (Previews from the Album)

About the songs – by Carol Cymbala.

"Pray" inspires people to look away from their problems and give them to God at the throne of grace. We chose the song as the title of the CD because the bible says God's house shall be called a house of prayer. Teaching, music, and worship are all important, but I truly believe we need more prayer in our lives and in our churches. Through prayer, anything is possible and we want to encourage everyone, everywhere to pray.

"At The Cross" is a new praise and worship chorus we have been singing with our congregation. It lifts up the greatness of what Jesus did when He came and died for our sins. I believe this song will inspire a deeper love and spirit of worship in churches which will help us all overcome the anxieties and fear that are so prevalent in the world today.

One of my favorite songs is "Come to Jesus." It's a song that invites people to come to Him just a

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