Carry the Flame Study Guide with DVD

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God Can Use You!

When you look at the stories of the men and women in the early church, most were not people we would consider "qualified" for the tasks that God set before them. Many were not trained in religious matters or even educated. Few of them had the skills to persuade people through eloquent speech. Certainly, none of them considered they were accomplishing extraordinary things for God that extend to today. But all had one thing in common. They stepped out in faith and took action when they felt the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In this five-session video Bible study, bestselling author and pastor Jim Cymbala draws on examples of these ordinary people-men and women such as Ananias, Philip, and the 120 who waited in the Upper Room-along with modern-day testimonies to show how God can use anyone and everyone who follows his guidance. As you go through this study, you will learn how to obey the Spirit's directions and extend the kingdom through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


This study guide has everything you need for a full Bible study experience, including:
  • The study guide itself-with discussion and reflection questions, video notes, and a leader's guide
  • An individual access code stream all five video sessions online.
  • A guide to best practices for leading a group
  • Video notes and a comprehensive structure for group discussion time
  • Personal study for deeper reflection between sessions


Video sessions and run times:

  • God Uses Ordinary People (19:00)
  • Power from Heaven (19:30)
  • The Gift of Encouragement (21:00)
  • Keep on Being Filled (18:30)
  • The Holy Spirit Still Speaks (20:00)